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Anguline Research Archives.
An organisation dedicated to bring rare books on CD at an affordable price, to the local history researcher and to the family history researcher.

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Anguline Research Archives are campaigning to have the historic registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths available without having to purchase certificates. Please view the campaign page by clicking the link on the next line-

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Old and rare books on CD or as a Digital Download for local and family historians at an affordable price - FREE postage worldwide...

Anguline Research Archives have pleasure in bringing you a wide range of sources to help in your research.
These include:

Plus many more excellent and unusual printed resources from medieval times up to the 20th century to help with your research.

Our CDs and Scanning...

An example of our high-quality scans (Whitkirk parish register, Yorkshire) and CD designs. All CDs are packaged in sturdy cases with covers designed to resemble a book.

To read more about Anguline Research Archives and our CDs, please visit the About Us and Examples pages.

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Most Anguline Research Archives CDs are compatible with Text to Speech software such as Adobe Acrobat's "speech out loud"

Most Anguline PDF files are compatible with E-book readers such as Sony PRS505 and Kindle etc. They can also be read on Tablets such as I-Pad and even smart phones such as the Blackberry Curve

Latest Releases...

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Topcliffe & Morley Registers

The Parish Registers of Topcliffe & Morley 1656-1888
With copious additional notes by a previous owner of this book.



Parish Registers of Hemsworth

Hemsworth Parish Registers 1654-1812
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1654-1812
With indexes of Names and Places


cd cover image

cd cover image

Harley Parish Registers Shropshire.

Harley Parish Registers 1745-1812
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1745-1812
With indexes of Names and Places

Gnosall Parish Registers

Gnosall Parish Registers
Baptisms & Burials 1572-1699
Marriages 1572-1785
Plus a list of Lestalls.

cd cover image
cd cover image

Parish Registers of Boughton under Blean

Baptisms ; 1558 - 1624
Burials ; 1558 - 1625
Marriages 1558 - 1626
Complete with indexes of names and of places.

Denchworth Parish Registers

Baptisms 1540-1812.
Marriages 1637-1812.
Burials 1636-1812.
Plus Indexes of Names & Places.

cd cover image

Parish Registers of Marske in Cleveland

Baptisms ; 1570 - 1812
Burials ; 1570 - 1812
Marriages 1569 - 1812
Complete with indexes of names and of places

Baptisms ; 1575 - 1735
Burials ; 1572 - 1735
Marriages 1572 - 1735


The Registers of Chester Cathedral & of Bruera in Cheshire.

The Registers of Chester Cathedral contains-
Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1687-1812

The Registers of Bruera Church, Parish of St Oswald contains-
Baptisms 1657-1812
Marriages 1665-1810
Burials 1662-1812

Parish Registers of Warkworth in Northumberland

Baptisms, 1690 to 1812
Marriages, 1686 to 1812
Burials, 1677 to 1812.
Also includes some Births of Children of Non-conformists 1723 - 1773 & 1775 - 1824