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Examples of certificates and other documents found in family history research

Note, the correct terminolgy for a certificate is "A certified copy of an entry in a register".

In the past certificates were handwritten transcripts of the register entry, larger parishes eventually started printing or bought in pre-printed "certificate blanks".
These saved time by requiring only the details that commonly changed to be entered by hand.

When civil registration began as a result of the 1836 Act for the registering of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in England The Registrar General printed forms to enable certified copies of a register entry to be supplied to members of the public.

It is these forms (Certified copy of an entry in a civil register) which are now termed certificates by the general public, however it should be remembered that in the case of marriages such "certified copy of an entry in a register" may be requested right back to the start of Parish Register in 1538, though as many early registers are available online and at the Diocesan Archive most researchers use those rather than requesting a certificate. In a similar way many birth and deaths may be recorded in church registers and certified copies of these entries may also be purchased though again most researchers prefer to access the original register as above or where these have been scanned online

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Baptism & Birth Certificates

Burial & Death Certificates

Alternative forms of Civil Certificates

Marriage Licences, Bonds and Banns & Registrars Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Guardianship Certificate

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Various School Certificates

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Other useful documents

Example of an 1853 Bastardy Bond

Order for the Reception of a Pauper Patient (in an Asylum)

Apprentice Indentures

Court of Common Pleas

Confirmation Certificate

Medical Registration Certificate

Wills & Inventories

Caution not everything recorded is accurate.

Gravestone 31st February 1898

Marriage Certificate from GROS