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Wills & Inventories


There are various records that may be found in connection to wills.
1) The Will
2) Codicil (this should be attached to the will, but may be separate.)
3) The Inventory
4) The Executor's Bond
5) Probate

The images may have been reduced in size to fit on the page and are not in scale with each other.


The images below shows the Nuncupuntive Will (a spoken will that was related by the testor to witnesses rather than written down) of Edward Guy from 1676

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Below is the Will of Robert Guy 1544
Note the difference in the indented top of the will and the left edge of the will which has suffered from the effects of time. The top of the will has been cut on purpose the side has just disintergrated

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The Codicil is an update to an existing will which changes the details of the will.
A codicil overrides any bequest made in the existing will



The Inventory is a tally of the goods and chattles of the estate of the deceased.
Some inventories are very detailed, and some simple list the main items and an estimate of their market value


Executor's Bond

Below is an example of an Executors Bond this was a type of assurance that the executor who carry out his/her duty to distribute the estate of the deceased according to the will of the deceased


Not to be confused with the Probate Calendar or Index.

The probate may be on the front or back cover of the will or may be on the last page of the will and is the document asserting that probate has been granted to the executors.