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Anguline Research Archives.
An organisation dedicated to bring rare books on CD at an affordable price, to the local history researcher and to the family history researcher.

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Digital Downloads

Anguline research Archives offer Digital Downloads as an additional service to our customers who need the file today or who prefer not to wait for a CD to be posted to them.

Note that from 1st January 2015 we cannot provide Digital Downloads to European Union addresses.

This is due to a change in E.U. VAT rules.

We will supply to United Kingdom and the rest of the World

Purchased files are available to download immediately after payment at PayPal Checkout if payment is cleared.

By clicking the "Continue" link at PayPal you the purchaser confirm you have given your express consent to the download of the digital content.

By clicking the "Continue" link at PayPal you the purchaser acknowledges that once the download starts you will lose your right to cancel.

Once you click on the "Continue" link at PayPal, you will be taken directly to a download page.

If the order has not been processed, or the payment is pending, then you will receive an email with the download links when the transaction has completed.

In view of the large file sizes involved it is recommended that a broadband connection is used to download these files.