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The following titles are supplied as pdf files and may be downloaded free of charge.

Be aware these may be large downloads.

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Roy Stockdill's Files

Lost a missing ancestor on the online census.

or the same file in html format.

Lost a missing ancestor on the online census.



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Calisto (zip file)

An excellent calendar program by John Kent.

Calisto is a free program which will display most common calendars. It enables simple comparisons between different calendars and makes it easier to understand the calendar changes which have taken place.

Calisto includes regnal years, moveable feasts, holidays, holy days, Roman dates and a lot more.

The program will run in Window95 to Windows 7 formats, please read the conditions attached to its use.

Conditions of use

This version of Calisto may be freely used privately or at work, and may be given to others, provided that:

All the files as distributed and downloaded from here remain together in unmodified form.
No commercial transaction is involved.
No attempt is made to conceal the program's authorship.
Calisto may not be distributed as part of any commercial product without the prior agreement of the author.

Calisto is supplied "as is", with no support for users. The author accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred by its use. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data.


Books & Booklets

Women's Death Society
Rules to be observed and kept by members of the Women's Death Society.
Held at the Messiah Baptist Chapel, Cinder Bank.
(Commenced September, 1877).

The Life & Adventures of James Hurst -
The Life and Asdventures of that most eccentric character James Hirst of Rawcliffe, Yorkshire.
His amusing Tricks at School; His Apprenticeship : Death of his Sweetheart : His Speculations : His leap into the Horse-pond when Hunting on his favourite Bull “Jupiter”. His Revenge : His visit to Doncaster and Pontefract Races:
His journey to London and Visit to the King: His encounter with Two Footpads:
Extract of is Will and Codicil thereto etc. etc.

The Life of Nancy Nicholson, of Drax, Yorkshire
The Life of Nancy Nicholson, of Drax, Yorkshire, a short work describing the turmoils in the life of a clergyman's daughter. Born 1787, died 1854, aged 67 years.

The Scottish Temperance League Register
The Scottish Temperance League Register, 1869.
Contains details about the drink trade and statutes, list of officers of the League, 24th annual report, accounts, details of abstinence societies in Scotland, a 120 page list of the members of the League by community (Aberdeen to Wishaw) and foreign branches.
Names with address and occupation plus juvenile adherents.
Useful for local and family history.

The Leopoldsburg War Cemetery Register
1939 - 1945 : The War Dead of the British Commonwealth and Empire.
Contains the register of those buried in the Leopoldsburg War Cemetery in Belgium.

Schedule of Reserved Occupations (Provisional)
The January 1939 provisional edition of the Schedule of Reserved Occupations, Printed & Published by His Majesty's Stationary Office, London.

Celebrities of the Stage :
Edited by Boyle Lawrence. Published 1901.
A collection of portraits of famous actors and actresses of the stage.

Celebrities of the Stage Part 1
Celebrities of the Stage Part 2

The Parish Registers of Northampton
A Paper read before the Committee for Local Antiquities of the Architectural Society of the Archdeaconary of Northampton, on the 7th. July, 1862, by the Rev. H.L. Elliot, Curate of St. Giles, Northampton.

This paper although specifically about the Parish Registers of Northampton contains an insight into the information contained in parish registers.
It also reminds the research that parchment and even paper copies of early registers may not be the original registers but actually transcripts of earlier registers, plus many other interesting facts.
Recommended reading for all family historians.

Wills and other Ephemera

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Churching of Women
From The Book of Church Law, by the Rev. John Henry Blunt, D.D. published in 1899

I.V.R. Baker 1957

S.W. Plumber 1941

D.K.Ritson 1951

A.M. Siddons 1950

G.L.S. Siddons 1936

H.S. Siddons 1941

J.R. Siddons 1941

J.E. St. Clair 1939

B.C.L. Summers 1943

M. Summers 1943

Rev. A.M. Smith 1954

J.E. Swainston 1940

G. Swainston 1943

E.G. Sykes 1944

L.A. Waller 1947

Newspapers & Journals

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Berwick Advertiser, Feb 16, 1828

Newcastle Chronicle: Sat. August 16, 1823 & Sat. Oct 25 1823

Newcastle Courant, Jun 16 1821 : Sep 15 1821 : Sep 29 1821

Newcastle Journal, Sep. 1 1838

Daily Graphic, Tues. Nov. 4 1899

The London Magazine : Feb. 1758

The London Magazine : Mar 1758

The Life-Boat, July 1st, 1864

Miscellaneous Marriage and Burial notices from newspapers between 1867 & 1907 (some births mentioned)


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London District Railway Map

This is a map of the London District showing electrified area of the London & South Western Railway.
Scale one inch to one mile.

Wakefield map 1823