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Anguline Research Archives are campaigning to have the historic registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths available without having to purchase certificates. Please view the campaign page by clicking the link on the next line-

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Anguline Research Archives have pleasure in bringing you a wide range of sources to help in your research.
These include:

Plus many more excellent and unusual printed resources from medieval times up to the 20th century to help with your research.

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An example of our high-quality scans (Whitkirk parish register, Yorkshire) and CD designs. All CDs are packaged in sturdy cases with covers designed to resemble a book.

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Poor Law (Mary Brophy).

Published in 1863

Poor Law Board, Whitehall, a copy of all papers and correspondence regarding the case of Mary Brophy, a pauper, removed from London, by force, and sent to Dublin, and afterwards returned to London by the ship 'Adelaide'.

Poor Law Commission (Duke William Beale).

Published in 1849

Investigation of claims that relatives of a 92 year old pauper in Weymouth workhouse were capable of supporting him.

Investigation into the death of James Lisney.

Published in 1841

A diabetic imprisoned for 24 hours in winter on bread & water and without any heating for a minor offence.


Hove and the Great War

Hove and the Great War or A Record and a Review together with the Roll of Honour and List of Distinctions

An account of the town's endeavour to do it's share in those dark years of the Great War.

Summer Fields School Register 1864 – 1929

The Summer Fields register contains the school register, noting such details as the year the boy entered the school, the university he later attended, military service and even civilian occupations, locations and other details.

Register of Old Wycliffians

The Register of Old Wycliffians contains a short history of the school plus a listing of the pupils.
With over forty black and white photographs.

Kendal Baptism Register

Baptism Registers
Kendal in Westmorland
Published in 1921.
Baptisms 1558-1587.

Parish Registers of Lee Brockhurst

Parish Registers
Lee Brockhurst in Shropshire, 1567-1838

Royal School of Mines
Royal School of Mines, Register of Old Students
History of the School.
Published in 1920.

The Corbould Genealogy

Includes illustrated genealogies of Corbould families of Suffolk, Norfolk, London, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Orilla, Canada, etc.