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Research in a Library or Archive


1 : Before setting out check you have pencils, paper and a list of research aims, remember pens should not be used in archives.

2 : Always make a note of all sources you have checked whether the source was productive or not, it is just as important to know that you checked a source and found nothing as it is to know it produced a result.

3 : When research involves using microfiche/film or computers try to keep the sessions short, if you have travelled a long distance to research in an archive try to alternate between books and any type of screen, this allows your eyes to re-focus and cuts down on eyestrain.

4 : When possible photocopy the source, this not only speeds up any transcription process thereby allowing more ground to be covered in a day, but also ensure an accurate transcript of the source.

5 : Always reference the photocopy with the archive, source, including page number if relevant and date.

6 : If you cannot find a particular type of record don't be afraid to ask the archivist or librarian, there is no point wasting research time looking for a class of record not held at that archive.

7 : In many archives there will be a delay between ordering a particular record and it being produced, try to order your second and subsequent requirements (where possible) before finishing with the first.

8 : It may be useful to read your notes before you leave the archive/library to make sure you understand what you have written, it is far easier to check then and there rather than have to make another journey to do so.

9 : When it is time to take a break or finish note which records you have used and at what point you ended your session, you may not remember where you got to when you next return.

10 : Never be afraid to search sources previously used, it is very easy after a few hours research to miss important records, go back at a later date and recheck, it will be worth it.