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Open Historic Registers now.

Almost 100 years ago a Royal Commission on Public Records appointed to inquire into and report on the state of the public records and local records of a public nature of England and Wales stated in their report-

We see no good reason in principle for forbidding searchers to take copies at their own risk. The existing restriction rests merely of financial grounds and we think that it should be removed.”

That being the case why are they still restricted now?

Find your M.P.

The official list of every M.P. may be found at Find your M.P.

The lists give the contact details for every M.P. in the UK parliament.
Alternatively write to your M.P.

M.Ps. Name
C/O The House of Commons,

If possible write to M.P. at both the House of Commons and his/her constituency office, the more an M.Ps. mailbox is swelled by letters supporting a cause the more notice they take.
We need to ensure that every M.P. in the commons is aware that it is time the historic registers were opened to public scrutiny If you do not like writing letters many of the M.P. in the above list give an email address that may be used.
Whichever mode of contact is preferred please use it to contact your M.P.

The more people who contact their M.Ps. the more chance of gaining access to the historic registers.
Here is a list of a few MPs who support open data and may support this campaign (more to follow) their contact details may be found at Find your M.P.


Bob Ainsworth
Norman Baker
Peter Bottomley
Ben Bradshaw
Tom Brake
Karen Buck
Simon Burns
David Cameron
Alan Campbell
Martin Caton
Kenneth Clarke
Geraint Davies
David Davis
Frank Dobson
Stephen Dorrell
Jim Dowd
Alan Duncan
Maria Eagle
Clive Efford
Michael Fabricant
Michael Fallon
Frank Field
Don Foster
Liam Fox, (Dr. Fox)
Roger Gale
Gapes, Mike
Edward Garnier
Nick Gibb
Justine Greening
William Hague
Philip Hammond
David Hanson
Alan Haselhurst
David Heath
Margaret Hodge
Gerald Howarth
Lindsay Hoyle
Julian Huppert (Dr Huppert)
Bernard Jenkin
Andrew Lansley
Oliver Letwin
Julian Lewis (Dr. Lewis)
Peter Lilley
Peter Luff
Francis Maude
Patrick McLoughlin
Austin Mitchell
James Paice
Stephen Pound
John Redwood
Andrew Robathan
Geoffrey Robinson
Bob Russell
Dennis Skinner
Angela Smith
Nicholas Soames
Caroline Spelman
John Stanley
Gisela Stuart
Andrew Stunell
Desmond Swayne
Robert Syms
Gareth Thomas
Tom Watson
Steve Webb
David Willetts
John Whittingdale
Shaun Woodward
Sarah Wollaston (Dr Wollaston)
Tim Yeo


Registrar General - Paul Pugh

Home Office Minister responsible for HM Passport Office and GRO - James Brokenshire MP

Please note, the above list contains names of those MPs who may be amenable to the aims of the campaign. It is not an exhaustive list and we would urge everyone to contact their MP.

In addition there is a Parliamentary convention within the House of Commons that MPs may only act upon the substance of communication from their own constituents, however the more MPs who are aware of the campaign by receiving letters and emails the more likely the campaign will succeed.
Please write and email individually as many MPs as you can.

These registers are your heritage.
They are archived for your information
Please help to make it Easier and Cheaper to access them