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Open Historic Registers now.

Almost 100 years ago a Royal Commission on Public Records appointed to inquire into and report on the state of the public records and local records of a public nature of England and Wales stated in their report-

We see no good reason in principle for forbidding searchers to take copies at their own risk. The existing restriction rests merely of financial grounds and we think that it should be removed.”

That being the case why are they still restricted now?

Find a Member of the House of Lords.

The official list of every member of the House of Lords may be found using the link below

Members of the House of Lords

The lists give the contact details for every current member of the House of Lords.
Alternatively write to a member of the House of Lords.

Members Name
C/O House of Lords,

Please use the correct form of address when contacting a Lord, this may be found at

How do you address a Lord

We need to ensure that every member of the House of Lords is aware that it is time the historic registers were opened to public scrutiny.

The House of Lords is perhaps more advanced than the House of Commons in that Lords may be contacted by email.

The more people who contact members of the House of Lords the more chance of gaining access to the historic registers.

Unlike the House of Commons there is a no Parliamentary convention within the House of Lords restricting members to only acting on behalf of constituents, any member of the public may contact any member of the House of Lords

Please email individually as many members of the House of Lords as you can.

These registers are your heritage.
They are archived for your information
Please help to make it Easier and Cheaper to access them