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An organisation dedicated to bring rare books on CD at an affordable price, to the local history researcher and to the family history researcher.

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1 : Be aware that the current trend of privacy could remove records from access, at present anyone may purchase English birth, marriage and death certificate, this will change in the next few years.

2 : Consider buying microfilms of the parish registers from county record offices now before they are withdrawn due to privacy concerns..

3 : Be aware that computer magazines often carry free cds on the front which may contain electoral registers, phone books maps and other useful programs for the family historian

4 : Carry a digital camera with you at all times when on research trips, with practise it is as good as carrying a photocopier with you but far more convenient.

5 : When buying copies of registers and census etc buy as much as you can afford, your ancestor may be hiding on the next page. If you have the option of a complete set or a single item the set will pay for itself over time.

6 : Make use of technology it is better to pay a few shillings to photocopy an entry as a; you get an exact copy (no spelling mistakes) and b; you then have extra time for further research.

7 : When in a county record office ask if registers are available for purchase on microfiche or cd. if so buy the fiche or cd and study it at home, you will be surprised how many related lines appear when you have the luxury of time.

8 : It is often cheaper to buy a book of an area outside that area than it is locally, this is due to there being little market away from the local area allowing bargains to be picked up.

9 : When looking for computer programmes to enhance your family history, remember, earlier versions of the program may suit your needs as well as the latest offering, you may not need all the latest bells and whistles.

10 : Cd compilations of directories and history books etc.may cost as little as one tenth of the price of an original volume and are far more readily available.