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Anguline Research Archives.
An organisation dedicated to bring rare books on CD at an affordable price, to the local history researcher and to the family history researcher.

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Examples of Anguline Research Archives CDs

Every CD is contained in a case which in some way replicates a book, this allows the CDs to be stored in full view rather than be hidden away in a cupboard.

We take pride in our product to allow you to take pride in our product.

Just two from our range.

Even the CD labels, printed direct on the surface of the CD, enhance the enjoyment of owning these digital books.

The advantage of direct surface printed CDs is there is no possibility of the labels peeling off in years to come taking the reflective surface with it and rendering the CD unreadable.

Of course one should never judge a book by it’s cover and so with CDs ; we at Anguline Research Archives believe that the inside is even more important than the outside and strive to present quality throughout.

Sheffield Manorial Records, ARA 17

Pickhill Registers ARA 18

Acta Regia, ARA 12

Parish Law, ARA 8

In addition to the clear scans Anguline Research Archives CDs are scanned at a high resolution to enable the images to be magnified to over 400% before the images begin to pixelate.

Yes, that is what it says 1200%, these images are meant to be read no matter what.

However some people are also interested in the images these books contain and we have not forgotten about the images.

Highways & Byways of Nottinghamshire, ARA 11

A small section, showing the field strips, of a plan of the parish of Much Wymondley made in the year 1803. Extracted from the book The English Village Community, ARA 16

History of Richmond. 1814, ARA 25
A very difficult book to scan due to the bleed through of text.



Northern Genealogist

Linconshire Marriage Licences

Grimsby Burgess Roll

Derbyshire & Leicestershire wills