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An organisation dedicated to bring rare books on CD at an affordable price, to the local history researcher and to the family history researcher.

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Research Methods


1 : Make a note of all sources searched, even those which have not returned a positive result.

2 : Transcribe exactly what is written never abbreviate or expand any words.

3 : Note the date you accessed the records and what the records covered.

4 : Whenever possible photocopy the source material, rather than transcribe, this avoids mistakes.

5 : Label all transcripts and copies with the source, date & repository

6 : Be methodical in your approach, if searching for a specific event start before the expected date and work past the date.

7 : When stuck reading old handwriting scan the pages for other instances of the letter or word in a familiar context

8 : Familiarize yourself with abbreviations and markers used to indicate missing letter(s), there are many guides available for this.

9 : If in doubt ask, archivists, librarians and mailing lists will all help you solve your problems, but you have to ask first.

10 : Reassess your work frequently, new finds may prove or disprove earlier theories.